Monday, August 17, 2009

Made it through the first day, next one just beginning...

So this blog is going to try and be a way to keep me from going too insane over the course of the next couple of weeks. I'm not supposed to lift more than five pounds, and I have to sit around a lot, so here's my chance to blog without feeling too lazy or boring.

So, one full day out of the hospital and I'm feeling pretty good. I was stuck there from Wednesday morning to Sunday morning. The surgery went well apart from the next day (I couldn't hold any food down and had a seizure), but after that I felt pretty great considering the circumstances (see right).

I was so fortunate having friends and family come from all over and visit me, even as far away as Lincoln and Durango (even if Mike did have to be a chump by finding a way to one-up me by getting jacked in the head with a skateboard this week). It was fun having people comment on the scar, as well as having Doug there as a friend who has gone through the process of actually having a tumor.

I slept through most of the night last night, just had to get up a couple of times, and now my head is starting to hurt. I'm getting ready to take a happy little Percocet to help things out. Mmmm, Percocet. Keep checking in if you want, and I'll keep trying to make half way interesting updates.


  1. Clint~
    That scar is stellar! I'm glad you've made it through day one. I miss talking to you. When you get bored and want to chat let me know!


  2. Hey bud,

    Hope everything is well. Keep us up to date with recovery news