Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Feelin' good

I went for a walk this morning after getting my levels tested. I feel good, and it cracks me up to see all of the people trying not to stare at my head. I kind of wish someone would just have the balls to come up and say, "Holy shit man, what the fuck happened to you!!??" Good times.

So, as I said yesterday, a couple of more words on Toronto. After having the initial seizure, I had an allergic reaction to the medication I was on (Dilantin, watch out for that crap) and my arms and legs swelled up (I looked like a hobbit, it was pretty sweet). Apart from that, I was just getting started with grad school, so I felt stupid, and there were all these pedantic, verbose grad students dropping all kinds of theorists names and making me feel even worse.

A quick word on OISE (The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto). It was an awesome school, I got a ton out of it, met some amazing people, great profs, and some friends that I'll have forever, but it kicked my ass. Campus is just above, and my building is just to the left of the big white bubble.

After my initial frustration, I kind of let some things go. I drank way too much, did a few too many, er, extra curriculars, and basically didn't take care of myself as well as I should have. I started to play more Ultimate, which both helped and hurt my health status :), and started to get ready for my trip to meet my girlfriend Kerri in Australia. More on that tomorrow.

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